Aries monthly horoscope: This month you can make great strides in your career with the help of others. However, under this influence you may use people or be manipulative. Try to avoid making solid plans until the retrograde period of Mercury ends on December 13. It may be difficult to balance work and personal commitments this month, and you’ll have to be organized. A New Moon in Capricorn on December 24 will bring the urge to learn organizational and time-management skills so that you can get more done and decrease frustration. You’ll have a lot of new plans and ideas for the future over the coming weeks.


Taurus monthly horoscope: Jupiter near the cusp of your sign will be a positive and expansive influence. Embrace new experiences and influences, and keep an open mind. Venus, Pluto, and later the Sun, will be traveling through Capricorn. This Earth Sign is in good aspect to yours, and these transits will help you set realistic goals for the future. A New Moon in Capricorn on December 24 will usher in a time when you can make plans to further your education or go on a trip. Mars in Virgo all month will keep you grounded in romantic situations. You’ll have a practical approach to creative matters.


Gemini monthly horoscope: Make an effort to communicate and cooperate with your partner, if you have one. Interpersonal relations in general will be strained, but they’ll improve if you’re able to keep an open mind, listen to others, and be honest. You may experience a loss of some kind, either related to someone you love or a possession that you value. This will bring up deep feelings. Mars in Virgo and your sector of home and family may bring tension and arguments. The Full Moon in your sign on December 10 may bring a crisis regarding your cash flow or investments.


Cancer monthly horoscope: Uranus on the cusp of Aries will make you nervous, restless, and irritable. You may make some rash moves related to your career. The Sun and Mercury will be in your sector of work and health for most of the month. You’ll crave changes to your routine and have trouble keeping up with commitments. You may worry about your health, but this will be a waste of energy. Venus and Pluto in Capricorn will bring intense interactions with your partner or the public. A New Moon here on December 24 will help you do the work necessary for damage control.


Leo monthly horoscope: You’ll be flirtatious and explore new opportunities for romance during the month. This will make you feel alive and vital, but it would be a good idea to think before you act. Life at the office will be intense and challenging, but you’ll benefit from being part of a team. Take care of yourself during this period. Remember to eat properly and get plenty of rest. Jupiter in Taurus will bring career opportunities, but you must be proactive. Uranus in Aries will inspire you to rethink your goals. Think outside the box and don’t be afraid to follow your hunches.


Virgo monthly horoscope: Mars in your sign will lend confidence and bravado. This will help you in any challenging situation. You’ll be more assertive and proactive under this influence. Your attention will be on matters related to home and family during this holiday season. The Sun and Mercury will help you get organized and complete all of your errands. You may be easily distracted, though. Your love life will be intense and gratifying. Jupiter will be in Taurus and your sector related to travel, education, and communication. You may begin to set new goals related to these areas, and you’ll have a positive outlook.


Libra monthly horoscope: You’ll be focused and organized during the holiday season with Saturn still in your sign. You may have to be frugal and watch your budget, though. There will be several chances to socialize with relatives, neighbors, and members of your community. This would be a good time to get involved with planning a party or event. You’ll be intent on getting your home organized and ready for entertaining. Enlist the help of friends and close family members if you begin to feel overwhelmed. Be prepared for a few surprises or upsets regarding relationships that may not be pleasant.


Scorpio monthly horoscope: There may be a tendency to waste your money or resources during the next few weeks. Keep an eye on your finances and stick to a plan. Mars in Virgo will help you plan activities that involve your friends or groups. You will be the one taking care of details such as phoning or e-mailing the people involved and lining up the food or locations. There will be tension in interpersonal relationships or dealing with the public. Power struggles are now possible and may be frustrating. A New Moon in Capricorn on December 24 will bring a hardworking, diligent approach to mastering new skills.


Sagittarius monthly horoscope: The Sun and Mercury in your sign for most of the month will help you be a better communicator and increase your confidence. This will be a good time to sell your ideas and do presentations. You’ll be good at budgeting and living within your means during the month even though you’ll be tempted to splurge at times. A Full Moon in your relationship sector on December 10 will bring difficulties relating to others, and the effect will last for about six months. Mars in Virgo and your career sector will challenge you to make changes.


Capricorn monthly horoscope: Venus and Pluto in your sign this month will intensify many situations in your life. You’ll make progress if you get help from others. A strong attraction bordering on obsession is possible. The Sun will join Venus and Pluto on December 22, and your confidence and optimism will increase. Mars in Virgo and your sector of communication and travel will help you stay organized if you’re going on a trip during the holiday season. You’ll be on top of everything that needs to be completed before and after you go. Uranus in Aries may bring upsets within your home or family.


Aquarius monthly horoscope: Keep in close contact with friends over the next few weeks. Mercury will be retrograde until December 13. This may bring a few misunderstandings, or plans may be disrupted or go awry. A Full Moon in Gemini on December 10 may contribute to feeling socially or romantically awkward over the coming months. You will have to work hard to come up with creative ideas, too. Saturn in Libra will put a damper on travel or educational plans. Pleasant surprises are in store in your neighborhood or community. Someone in your extended family or local area will be inspiring.


Pisces monthly horoscope: Even though this is the holiday season, you’ll be busy with career matters. There may be some events combining business with pleasure that will help you network and increase your visibility. Dealing with friends and groups will be intense but potentially rewarding. You’ll find that others will be on your side and very helpful. During this time you may develop an attraction to a friend or associate. Mars in Virgo will cause tension in relationships, and you will be defensive and argumentative. The Full Moon in Gemini on December 10 will bring disruptive developments and unsettling changes at home.

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